I think I’ve started around ten blogs in my life and never did anything with them. There was never really anything in my life to blog about; I just liked the idea of having one. This past November I got engaged and realized then that I would be moving from Illinois to Iowa. That is when the whole idea of blogging came into my mind again.  First, I wanted an avenue (other than Facebook) to share with our family and friends about our life here in Iowa! Secondly, most people consider me to be a more quiet and reserved individual, which is true, but I have a lot of  thoughts that I want to share with the world. These thoughts range from what I am learning in my spiritual walk with God, all the way to the simplicity of life in general. There have been many things on my heart and mind that I wanted to share but never had an outlet for them. I know my  husband, Zach, probably doesn’t want to hear them all the time:)  Lastly, I wanted a place to share my creative projects as I have many ideas that just need to come to life! So, if you’re a member of one of our families then I hope you enjoy this! If you’re just a visitor, then welcome! I hope you find this at least a little bit interesting and beneficial.

Love, Liz


2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Will love to hear anything you have to say, I know you have a very creative mind and will make it interesting.Love ya both.

  2. Congrats on your recent marriage, Liz. You made a beautiful bride. My very best to you and Zach. God bless

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