Last Saturday Zach and I went to a beach in Ventura. I had been sick that whole week so we thought a day out would be nice 🙂 Although, that kind of backfired as I felt worse when I got home haha but oh well. I was so excited cause I finally brought my camera so I could take pictures. However, when I went to turn my camera on I realized I left my camera card at home:( I was SO bummed. So, all of these pictures were taken with my phone sadly. Anyways, be sure and read the whole post as I have something at the end to share with all of you!









These iphone pictures do not do this place justice! Next time I will remember to bring the camera card 🙂


So, to end my post I just wanted to say that my dear sister started her own blog…yay! If you are a Disney fan or need help planning your Disney vacation you should totally check out her blog. Here are all her links below…she is also hosting a giveaway on her instagram!

BLOG: http://neverlandjenn.blogspot.com/

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/neverlandjenn

INSTAGRAM: @neverlandjenn



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