Alright, I’ll admit this post is a little random but I couldn’t help but post about it! This past Friday night I had the chance to explore some of Beverly Hills and downtown LA. Zach and I haven’t really had time to explore much of CA so it was pretty exciting to me! I went with some friends as Zach was gone for the weekend so unfortunately he missed out 😦 But we will definitely have to go again so I can take pictures. Anyways, we went to Rodeo Drive to walk around and we also ate at place called Urth Cafe which was delicious. After Rodeo Drive we went to downtown Los Angeles to get some dessert at Bottega Louie. I had never heard of this place before but they have macaroons there and I have ALWAYS wanted to try a macaroon. The place was super fancy and SUPER busy. I ended up buying the box of 5 macaroons and chose which flavors I wanted. You can buy them individually but I wanted Zach to try them πŸ™‚ They are absolutely delicious and it’s just overall a neat experience. I totally recommend going there if you are ever in the LA area.


The box was super cute and I am totally gonna keep it and use it…I mean…how could you not?!



I understand that only four macaroons are pictured here but I kind of already ate one when we were at Bottega Louie πŸ™‚



I hope you all are having an awesome Monday and have a great week!



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