Hello all! I quickly just wanted to share about a book I read titled Found: God’s Peace by John MacArthur. It’s a super short book (only 3 chapters) but it has a lot packed into it. If you struggle at all with worry, fear, or anxiety then you should definitely consider reading it! A lot of people (including myself) never really take seriously that worry and anxiety are sins. It’s one of “those sins” that we tend to be okay with committing because, like I said, we don’t think of it as sin. The book states that, “Jesus said three times, ‘Do not be anxious’. Paul later reiterated, ‘Be anxious for nothing’. Worry at any time is a sin because it violates the clear biblical command.”


The book opened my eyes to my sins of worry and anxiety. It has helped me understand the biblical way of handling these sins. You should never just accept anxiety because it is not only a sin, but God’s peace is readily available.


Anyways, I just wanted to share this book to anyone who struggles with these sins. It has definitely changed me for the better! As an added bonus, it’s only $2.00 on the Grace To You website with free shipping!!


I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday! We are watching football…as usual 🙂




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