Hello again 🙂
I thought I would write a little something as it has been awhile since I have updated. As many of you know, Zach and I are involved in the high school ministry here and we are LOVING it. It is unlike anything we have ever experienced and it has been such a huge blessing in our lives. We are beyond thankful to be a part of the ministry and this church. It’s crazy how we have only been out here a little over 3 months and this place is already SO dear to us. My heart is so full of joy and I have fallen in love with this church and the people. We are seeing the Lord work so clearly as He has opened many doors very quickly that we would have never thought possible. We are constantly amazed by His power and goodness. I don’t know why I ever doubt Him. When you take a step of obedience and surrender to His will, it’s amazing to see what He can do. His plans are always better than anything we could ever come up with for ourselves.
On another note, I have been wanting to share about a particular subject for awhile, I just never got around to it. We had our high school Bible study retreat at the beginning of October and each new staff member had to share their testimony. I am not a public speaker, it’s just not my gift, so the thought of sharing my testimony in front of our bible study was nerve wracking to me. Sadly, sharing my testimony has always been something I struggled with. Being saved at the young age of 4 I have never had full memory of what took place. I always heard these amazing testimonies from people of this big transformation and it always made me doubt my own salvation because of my lack of memory. I knew I believed in Christ, I believe I was born a sinner and that He died and took my place on the cross for my sin, that He rose again and He now sits at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. There was never a pattern in my life that would indicate that I was an unbeliever, however, I just couldn’t shake that doubt. So, as I was preparing my testimony to share to our bible study, I wanted to find some verses on assurance. Before I even found verses on assurance I stumbled across an article by John MacArthur on Grace To You about the different reasons people lack assurance. I started reading through the different reasons and I completely related to the one titled “Uncertainty“. Here’s what it said…
“Some Christians lack assurance because they don’t know the exact time of their salvation. They can’t remember when they believed. Some can’t remember ever not believing. Because they can’t pinpoint the exact moment, they doubt whether the moment actually occurred. But if you didn’t know the date of your birth, you wouldn’t wonder if you were alive. Far too much has been made of isolating the moment by some little formula, whether it be praying a prayer, signing a card, raising your hand, or walking down an aisle.
Many Christians—especially those reared in a Christian environment—can’t identify the exact moment they were saved. I can’t. I don’t know when I passed from death to life, but I know I did. There were times as a little child when I prayed special prayers. I specifically remember praying with my father on the steps of a church in Indiana when he was holding a revival meeting. His sermon convicted me because I had done some things that week that weren’t right. I remember as a fourteen-year-old going forward at camp and throwing a pine cone in the fire, teary-eyed and wanting to make my life right with God. I was in a serious auto accident when I was a freshman in college, which vividly reinforced God’s claim on my life, but I can’t say for sure that was the time of my salvation.
I don’t look for a past event to make my salvation real to me. I look at the present pattern of my life. Some people have a false assurance because they can remember a past event, but their life doesn’t follow a righteous pattern. So don’t worry if you can’t tie in a specific time or event with the moment of your salvation. Focus on your lifestyle instead.”

After reading that, I had a peace about my salvation that I have never had before. Like I said earlier, the pattern of my life was never that of an unbeliever. It has always been my desire to do the will of my Father; to know Him, to live for Him, and obey Him. I just had it so ingrained in my head that I needed to remember everything about the moment I came to Christ, and if I didn’t, then I may not be saved. I am so glad my old way of thinking was wrong. Another little gem from the article that I loved was…

“Do you see the impulses of the new nature in your life? If so, that’s indicative of salvation. If God’s will has become your highest joy, and submission to His lordship your greatest delight, you are indeed a child of God—no matter how strong the pull of sin.”

Anyways, I just wanted to share all of that with you in case there’s anyone out there who, like me, couldn’t shake the doubt. I’ll link the article below so you can read the other reasons people lack assurance in case your situation isn’t the same as mine was. Salvation is the most important decision of your life and if you are not sure and cannot see a righteous pattern in your life, then get that right TODAY! Please don’t wait another second. Eternity is forever and there is no greater place to spend it than in Heaven with our Lord and Savior. Heaven is only possible through Jesus Christ. Believe in Him. Trust in Him. After all, following Christ is the greatest decision you will ever make.




The reasons people lack assurance is also in John MacArthurs book Saved Without a Doubt
Have a great weekend!

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