A couple of months ago I read a blog post by Audrey Roloff (married to Jeremy Roloff of Little People Big World) and it really convicted me. (I recommend reading her post as there is a lot more back story to her reasons on why they started doing this and such). To sum it up, the post was all about how Audrey and Jeremy had the desire to keep seeking one another and learning more about each other. They do this by setting aside time on a regular basis to ask each other specific questions that they came up with. When I finished reading the post I couldn’t help but feel sad that I didn’t even know what brought Zach joy each week. It really made me want to know even more about Zach. I’ve known Zach for like 7 years and he has always been my best friend, so I know him pretty well. However, I don’t ever want to stop getting to know him. I want to keep seeking him. Even though our marriage is absolutely wonderful, I don’t want to stop at that. I want our marriage to keep growing each day. So, I shared with Zach what they did and asked if he would be interested in doing the same thing and we ended up starting the following week! Now, every Sunday at 9pm we sit down with our notebooks and go over the questions. It has been the best time growing together and learning more about each other. Our relationship has grown deeper and more intimate through each conversation. I am always so surprised how much I am still learning about him. I love hearing his thoughts and his heart. Anyways, I just wanted to share as it has been a huge blessing to both Zach and I and it may possibly help someone else! I definitely recommend trying this out, I am sure you will be happily surprised by the results! I’ll list the questions below as well as the link to the original post.
(We could have made up our own questions but I loved the questions they came up with so we just stuck with them)
The questions are
1. What brought you joy this week?
2. What was something that was hard this week?
3. What’s one specific thing I can do for you this week?
4. How can I pray for you this week?
5. Is there anything that’s gone unsaid, convictions, confessions, unresolved hurt?
6. What’s a dream, desire, or thought that’s been on the forefront of your mind this week?
I hope you all are having a great week! It’s almost halfway to the weekend and the holidays are just around the corner! Crazy:)

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