Hello hello 🙂

I hope everyone had a great New Years! Zach and I took it easy and just spent time together at home 🙂 I am posting about another book today, which is quite funny as I have never been a reader (and I’m still not). However, I do like to share my favorite books that I have enjoyed and learned from. I read the book, “God’s High Calling for Women” by John MacArthur a long time ago and it instantly became one of my favorite books. I am very passionate about the role of women and God’s wonderful design for me. It brings me GREAT joy to be in my God ordained role not only as a wife and in the home but in the church as well. It breaks my heart to see the church going against scripture and changing its view on the women’s role in the church. The devil wants to destroy God’s design for men and women and its so sad to see the church fall prey to that. As MacArthur writes in his book “…that’s why the controversy over the role of women in the church is so tragic: the church is being deceived by the lies of Satan and is actually becoming a part of his attack.” This book not only covers women’s role in the church but appearance, attitude and testimony. I highly encourage women to read it! It not only convicted me and revealed my own wrong doings, but it encouraged me. I know that when I obey God and humbly submit to his role for me it will bring me the highest joy.


Anyways, I hope you check it out! It’s got GREAT stuff on appearance and our motives behind it. I wish I could talk about that as well but MacArthur writes better 🙂



You can find the book below…it’s only $7.00!! Well worth it.



P.S. I know this is the third MacArthur book I’ve written about…but like I said I don’t read a lot and when I do it’s usually by MacArthur or Elisabeth Elliot sooo I’ll try and branch out…..maybe 🙂



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