Hi all!

Wow, it’s been forever! March was an unexpectedly busy month for us. Work was busy for me and then on top of that Zach and I moved last week! We moved from an apartment to a rental home just down the street which we are SO excited about! Let me just say how excited I am to have my own washer/dryer! No more quarters! (It’s the little things…) Anyways, we’re still in the process of unpacking and decorating but I wanted to show you all a piece that my lovely husband worked on. We had this dresser that was slowly falling apart and I just figured we would get rid of it, however, Zach ended up transforming it into what is now our entertainment stand!

Here’s the before….


The bottom two drawers were broken but the top one was still intact.

Here’s the after…


The front of the bottom two drawers are now shelves!
We took the original back of the dresser and covered it in fabric that matched the wall color.
I am so glad we didn’t go with my plan and get rid of it 🙂 Just goes to show you really can re-purpose anything!
– Liz

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