One year. One year since Zach and I pulled out of his parent’s driveway and headed on our journey to California.


It’s incredible to look back on our first year here and see all that God has done. You can see Him in every little detail, unfolding His plan for us one step at a time. We didn’t know what the Lord would have for us when we got here, but it was greater than anything we could have hoped for. What’s even crazier is that it all started on our very first Sunday here! We didn’t have time to “rest” or slowly get involved, He literally had us jump right in and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Sure, this past year had its difficulties. However, they were much needed struggles that we needed to go through in order to grow us and move us further along in our sanctification. If I had to share two things I have learned this past year it would be the following…

1. God’s plan is THE BEST.
I know, you’ve heard that before, I’ve heard that before too but I never fully realized it until we came here to CA. Living in California is hard. It’s hard to get adjusted to a new city, new church, new jobs, immense amount of traffic, and being stretched outside our comfort zones. There were so many times I wished for a “different plan”. Why couldn’t His plan for us be like theirs? (I don’t mean with the decision to move to California, I mean different situations while living here.) But I realized how ungrateful I was being, and how thankful I am for EVERYTHING He has done for us. The doors He opened, the jobs, the friendships, the way He has provided for us…His plan is perfect and we are SO undeserving. We literally deserve nothing and I cannot stress that enough. We are sinful people, and our God is SO gracious to do what He has done for us.


2. I’m selfish and self-sufficient.
Two awful words that I never thought would describe me. However, as the Lord has grown me over this past year, His Word has revealed just how selfish and self-sufficient I am. I never realized how often I take the day on my own. How I take on trials and challenges thinking I can handle it, not even thinking of Christ. Why do I think I can handle things on my own? Who am I? I am NOTHING. This world isn’t about me, my needs, my wants, my desires and what I think I deserve. Why do I think I deserve better? I am a sinner who needed a Savior and by God’s grace He saved me. Looking back, I see so many missed opportunities because “I” was uncomfortable or “I” didn’t want to. This past year was too focused on myself and not enough on others. The Lord is emptying me of myself and it’s a good good thing.



Those are just two of the countless lessons that I have learned over this past year. We are exactly where God wants us and He’s doing a great work in us and through us. He is molding, growing, emptying, humbling and filling us and it has been such a good year. I am so glad we are here and can’t wait to see what’s ahead.




3 thoughts on “California – One Year Later

  1. I believe the Lord put you in California to show you exactly what he wants for your life. He will show you exactly what his plans are for you in the future and where he wants you to serve him by spreading the word of Salvation to all you meet. We pray for you and Zach every day and are so proud of you both. God Bless you both. Love grandma and grandpa.

  2. Hi Liz,

    This is Natalie, Rachel’s mom. As you probably know Rachel is in Colorado for 4 more weeks so I’ve been checking her e-mails and etsy account while she is gone. I know that she would love to hear from you. Would you be willing to encourage her with a letter? Her address is:

    Eagle Lake Camps Rachel Kick- Crew PO Box 6819 Colorado Springs, CO 80934

    She is finishing her second week and we got to talk to her last Sat. and she is having the time of her life. She said its a lot of hard work, which she doesn’t mind, but she’s making new friends and is loving her extended quiet times with God out in His beautiful creation. Thanks so much for blessing her in this way. She comes home August 13th. Please pray for her!



    1. Hi Natalie! I would love to write her!! Thank you so much for sending me her mailing address and updating me. I am so glad to hear she’s having a great time! Looking forward to hearing about her time when she gets back 🙂 I will be praying for her!

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